TV Pilot: Untitled (will be filmed in Atlanta)


This is the story of three young women, all with hopes of making it big, and the choices they’re faced with along the way. It will showcase the allure and heartache of the cut-throat music scene, but also will explore cultural themes from a new perspective. What would you do to rise to the top?

[ STAR ]
A Caucasian girl, 18. Star is a tough chick with a badass attitude and a wicked mouth. She’s completely comfortable in this African American world. In and out of foster homes since her mother died ten years ago, she’ll do anything to become the star she was named to be. She will defy all odds despite – and probably because of – people telling her she can’t. And she has the killer voice to make it happen. If Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse were to morph it’d be Star! She’s got a big heart too, maybe the biggest of anyone around. It’s just buried behind the walls she’s put up as her shield from a mountain of hurt and rejection. That’s why she lashes out sometimes, acting before she thinks. She’s all instinct. Last of all, she’s beautiful — but not in any traditional way…. some would even call her trashy…. But there’s a stunning beauty in her trashiness, and we love her for it.

20, African American, elegant, a classic beauty exuding refinement. Raised on New York City’s Upper East Side, going to all the best schools, wearing couture. Alexandra wants to put this plastic world behind her so she can make real, authentic music. This means rejecting the world of money and status her wealthy parents fought so hard for her to have. She’s unimpressed by all that. We’ll find out in series her parents could really help her musical dreams – if only she’d ask. But she’d sooner die. She thinks they’re frauds. Alexandra is the brilliant composer of the group, and knows music to her core. She also sings. But where Star’s voice is all guttural sass, Alexandra’s voice is all smooth class. Think Alicia Keys, Sade and Adele. Alexandra is also the reasonable one in the group, balancing Star’s impatience and gut instincts with cool, strategic thinking. Alexandra doesn’t show emotions and she will feel more out of place than Star in this African American beauty salon they come to work in Atlanta.

Star’s younger sister, half African American and half Caucasian, both adorable and tragic. Character is 16 years old (but actor must be over 18 years of age). The girls had the same mother, who was Caucasian, but Simone’s birth father was African American. She was separated from Star five years ago, when they were both sent to separate foster homes. Since then, Simone has had to deal with a foster father who is a monster, abusing her horribly. This abuse has had its effects on her. She has somehow kept hope alive, dreaming for the day when Star returns to rescue her. She idolizes her big sister, and will cling to her once they are reunited, jealous of anyone who might come between them. This jealousy thing she’s got can turn dark, VERY DARK. She shares Star’s dream of musical stardom and her voice might even be better than Star’s, but she lacks the ambition that Star has. Given her history it’s no surprise she might be too fragile to actually make her dream of stardom come true.

A half African American and half Latina transgender woman, 20, with a stunning look. Cotton has an African American mother – Miss Carlotta who owns the beauty salon where she and the girls work – and an unknown Latino father. Audiences will not initially realize that Cotton is a transgender woman. She’s grown up in the salon, studying hair and makeup, and the way women dress. She has an especially keen eye for fashion, and she will become the girls’ personal assistant, shaping their look in performance. Cotton harbors dreams of becoming a star herself, and she’s already connected in the Atlanta music scene. Cotton will be the girls’ bridge between the religious Miss Carlotta, their surrogate mother, and the down and dirty but totally fabulous Atlanta nightlife.

African American female, Mid-30s to 40s with amazing voice, a voluptuous brown beauty who exudes years of street wisdom. Some would call her a rough broad. But there’s something deeply spiritual, even maternal, about her. She runs a beauty salon in Atlanta, and will become a surrogate mother to Star and the other girls — even though she doesn’t approve of their musical dreams. That’s because back in the day Carlotta was part of a girl group herself. But the group fell apart, driving Carlotta to despair and a criminal life. Things turned around big time when Carlotta was saved by Jesus. Now she uses her glorious singing voice to praise him in church. SERIES REGULAR

40s, Latino, sexy silver daddy, intense. Jahil is a manager of musical talent, with impeccable taste. But his career has cooled since its high in the 90s. He’s now in desperate needs of career redemption. And he’s convinced Star is the key. His ambition matches hers perfectly. And he’ll do everything to make her and the girls stars. Jahil is not above reaching out to unsavory connections to do this – this could be his last chance at bat. He and Carlotta had a relationship when he managed her singing career. But now he is obsessed with Star. SERIES REGULAR

African American female, 20, intense. A brilliant young rapper in the mold of Missy Elliott, Li’l Kim, Nicki Minaj. Bahiyyah’s parents are strict Nation of Islam. They are scandalized by her rapping. For now, Bahiyyah has a foot in both worlds and will have to learn on her own if her parents’ loathing of the white world is how she also feels. She’ll become a part of the girl group in series, her rap becoming the missing element that takes their sound over the top. And because of her intense personality, she will create conflict. She’s just as stubborn as Star, and her ideas about music very strong. She also recently found out she is HIV positive which will play out in series. RECURRING GUEST STAR

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