Role in Upcoming Will Smith film

Upcoming Will Smith film.


16, (prefer legal 18 please specify), male, mixed ethnicity, he has a tough, street look to him – but it’s more of a 1976 look than current day.  He could have been in “The Warriors” or even “Welcome Back Kotter.”  An actor at the Hegel Theatre, he jumps at the chance to play the role of “Time” in the gaslighting scheme in an attempt to prove that Howard is of unsound mind, so they can therefore sell the company that Howard is majority shareholder of. Sharp as a tack, perceptive, likable, he’s an interesting kid who’s wise beyond his years.  He’s also used to life on the streets – and knows how to take care of himself…LEAD (10) **Please submit African American, Asian, East Indian, Filipino, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mixed Ethnicity, Native American, and Pacific Islander talent.


STORY LINE:  Since the death of his daughter, HOWARD INLET, the controlling partner and charismatic driving force behind the highly regarded Yardsham Inlet Ad Agency, has withdrawn from the world, and only shows up at work in order to build an elaborate domino maze around his office. Howard’s partners and long time friends, WHIT YARDSHAM, SIMON SCOTT and CLAIRE WILSON want to sell the agency, but Howard has no intention of selling.  They devise a plan to gaslight Howard, to prove him insane, so the agency can be sold without his consent. However, as the ruse progresses, everyone must reckon with “the three abstractions that define our existence – love, time and death”….
Create video starting with full body shot and pan into close up shot before shooting audition.  Send video audition to

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