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Multiple Casting Roles For THE OTHER WOMEN

We are seeking actors for THE OTHER WOMEN, a short film about an obsessive overbearing young woman who becomes obsessed with her younger brother’s college life and plots to harm anyone who tries to get close to him such and his close friends and especially his fiancée.

Non-Union & Union Actors
Independent short film (May/June 2021 Production). (Psychological Thriller)

▪ Johnathan Wilson (Lead – African American) He is Julie’s fiancé. His major is Finance. He is
athletic, attractive, and close to his family and he is also 22 years old. (Age range 20 – 25)
▪ Julie Baker (Lead – African American) – She is incredibly attractive. She is a 22 years old
Psychology major. She is Johnathan’s fiancée. She is very trusting and sometimes a little naive.
(Age range 20 – 25)
▪ Sylvia Wilson – (Supporting) (African American) – Johnathan’s older sister. She is 29 years old.
She is quite possessive of her brother. Sylvia is drop dead gorgeous and rude. She has had a few
mental problems in the past. (Age range 29 – 33)
▪ Carla Miller- (Supporting – All Ethnicities) Julie’s best friend. She is very perceptive and speaks
her mind. Carla is opposite of Julie. (Age range 20 – 27)
▪ Gloria Rogers- (Supporting – All Ethnicities) – A friend of Julie’s who lives out of town. She once
shared a room with Sylvia in mental institution. She dates Johnathan’s best friend, Kenny. (age
range 22 – 26)
▪ Mervin Williams (Supporting – African American) – He is the nerdy librarian who has a crush on
Julie. In the end, he is a trusted ally for Julie in her time of need. (Age range 25-30)
▪ Mrs. Wilson (African American) – Johnathan and Sylvia’s Mother. Very sophisticated. (age range
▪ David – (Day Player – Caucasian) – College student who thinks he knows it all. (age 20-25)
▪ Tina – (Day Player – Caucasian) – Student in class (one line/one scene)
▪ Cameraman (All Ethnicities) – One line (one line/one scene)
▪ Waitress (Featured – All Ethnicities) – possible one line

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